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Hacking HR April Series: Connecting the Dots Between Strategic and Tactical HR

Event dates: April 01, 2024 - April 30, 2024
Event Type: Online
Event tickets:Free
Content delivery format:Panel


A strategic HR professional is someone who not only understands and manages the day-to-day HR tasks but also aligns these tasks with the larger business strategy. In addition, they masterfully connect the dots between people and business strategy to create and deliver value for the people, the leaders and the organization. A strategic HR professional anticipates future needs, drive organizational change, and ensure that HR policies and practices support the company's long-term goals.

The Hacking HR April Series: Connecting the Dots Between Strategic and Tactical HR is an amazing event designed for HR leaders and professionals eager (and ready!) to elevate their roles by mastering the art of blending strategic foresight with practical execution.

This series includes dozens of speakers who will share their ideas, insights, recommendations and stories, to enable you to connect the dots between strategy and implementation. The Hacking HR April Series will unravel the complexities of being a strategic HR professional with tactical responsibilities and accountability, bridging the crucial gap between strategic planning and tactical implementation in the fast-evolving workplace.

This event focuses on enabling HR professionals to seamlessly connect high-level strategic visions with ground-level tactics. Attendees will learn how to align HR functions with business strategies, ensuring that every HR initiative not only supports but also drives towards achieving organizational objectives.

The top ten learning objectives for this program include:

  1. Mastering the integration of strategic planning with tactical HR operations.
  2. Navigating change management with both strategic foresight and practical adaptability.
  3. Leveraging HR technology for strategic advantage and efficient implementation.
  4. Aligning compensation and benefits with organizational goals to drive performance.
  5. Applying Agile methodologies within HR to enhance flexibility and responsiveness.
  6. Designing and implementing employee experiences that foster engagement and productivity.
  7. Optimizing the role of HR Business Partners as strategic consultants within the business.
  8. Leading digital transformation efforts within HR to meet future workforce needs.
  9. Developing skills and career paths that align with the future direction of the organization.
  10. Resolving conflicts effectively by applying strategic frameworks and practical techniques.

The top ten competencies that you will learn (or improve) are:

  1. Strategic Thinking and Analysis
  2. Change Management Leadership
  3. HR Technological Agility
  4. Compensation Strategy and Design
  5. Agile Project Management in HR
  6. Employee Experience Management
  7. Strategic Business Partnership
  8. Digital HR Transformation
  9. Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  10. Innovation and Culture Building

The sessions include:

- Navigating Change Management Strategically and Tactically: Learn to manage change by balancing strategic vision with adaptable tactics.

- HR Technology: Strategic Technology Analysis and Tactical Implementation: Master the art of selecting and implementing the right HR technologies to support business strategies.

- Compensation and Benefits: Strategic Alignment with Organizational Goals: Understand how to design compensation systems that drive strategic goals.

-  Agile HR: Integrating Agile Methodologies into Strategic HR Planning and Execution: Discover how Agile can transform HR planning and execution.

-  Employee Experience Design: Frameworks and Practical Execution: Learn to create compelling employee experiences that boost engagement and productivity.

-  Strategic HR Business Partnering: Optimizing the Influence and Impact of HR Business Partners: Enhance the strategic role of HR in influencing business outcomes.

-  Digital Transformation in HR: A Strategic and Tactical Roadmap: Navigate the digital transformation of HR with a clear strategic and tactical roadmap.

-  Future-Proofing Your Workforce: Skills Development and Career Pathing: Prepare your workforce for the future with strategic skills development.

-  Effective Conflict Resolution: Frameworks for Managing Workplace Disputes: Equip yourself with strategies and tactics for resolving conflicts efficiently.

-  Creating a Culture of Innovation: Strategic HR Initiatives and Everyday Practices: Foster a culture of innovation through strategic HR initiatives.

-  Remote Work Strategies: Designing and Implementing Effective Remote Work Policies: Create effective remote work policies that align with strategic goals.

-  Strategic Onboarding: Enhancing Long-Term Engagement Through Effective Onboarding: Maximize engagement and retention with strategic onboarding practices.

-  Employer Value Proposition Fundamentals: Crafting a Strategic EVP: Develop a compelling EVP that aligns with strategic objectives.

-  Building a Culture of Growth and Learning: Cultivate a learning culture that supports organizational and personal growth.

-  Connecting the Dots Between Psychological Safety and Team Management: Enhance team management by fostering psychological safety.

-  Leading HR Transformation: A Strategic and Tactical Guide to Change Leadership: Lead HR transformation efforts with strategic insight and practical steps.

-  Building High-Performance Teams: A Strategic and Tactical Approach for HR: Learn the secrets to building and sustaining high-performance teams.

-  Maximizing HR's Strategic Influence through Effective Stakeholder Management: Strengthen HR’s influence with effective stakeholder management strategies.

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