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The Ultimate Guide To Performance Management. Future Trends And ONA

Performance management, as we know, has been around for a long time. Manager ratings, peer feedback, and, more recently, continuous feedback systems – all these methods emerged with the best of intentions. However, the way work happens in 2024 has evolved well beyond the capabilities of these traditional models. As teams operate across locations, time zones, and complex projects, these methods struggle to truly reflect an employee's contribution or unlock the hidden potential within an organization.

Traditional performance management focuses primarily on the individual – their skills, behaviors, and perceived compliance within a prescribed role. Yet, the value creation process in today's world is far more collaborative and interconnected.

'The Ultimate Guide to Performance Management: Future Trends and ONA' created in collaboration with Confirm dives into the most commonly used performance management models to understand why they often fail to deliver results in today's dynamic work environment.

This guide addresses the following topics:

  • An Outlook Into Performance Management (Manager ratings, Peer Feedback or 360 Reviews, Continuous Feedback)

  • How Performance Management Is Evolving

  • How Work Has Changed

  • Why Performance Management Models Are Outdated

  • The Gaps Traditional Models Can't Fill

  • Future Trends in Performance Management

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