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Training Programs For HR Professionals

How it Works

How it works - It’s easy!

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Our mission is to empower the HR community with tailored learning programs and collaborative platforms. Discover offerings tailored to your unique role and aspirations in the Human Resources landscape.

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The Hacking HR Lab offers countless learning content to advance your career path and help you learn or improve your knowledge in specific skills.

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Engage with the community

The Hacking HR global community offers dozens of avenues for you to participate. Network with experts, find support in our channels and seek mentoring opportunities. Join the HRBPs Council and the HR Senior Leaders Council.


How we serve our community

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HR Leaders, HR Practitioners, HR Experts, HRBPs, Insiders and HR Vendors
Design a tailored learning path by picking specific HR topics and skills. Delve into numerous learning programs and events and access resources for upskilling and reskilling. Claim your HR credits after completing a milestone.
HR Leaders and Experts
Engage with our Hacking HR's Experts Council, mentor future HR leaders, and delve deeper into pivotal HR topics. Share your insights and experience with the community. Mentor and influence the next generation of HR professionals, fostering lasting positive change in organizations and the workplace.
HRBPs Council
Build Connections: Engage with industry peers at the HRBPs Council, fostering collaboration and shared insights.
Showcase your expertise: Amplify your content (videos, resources, events, podcasts) on a dedicated channel within the Hacking HR Lab.
HR and Work Tech Vendors
Promote Your Products: Advertise your offerings to a focused audience. Collaborative Tools: Utilize matchmaking tools and explore special sponsorships and partnerships to maximize your reach.

Experts Council

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Our goal with the Council is simple: bring together the most diverse, global and top-notch cadre of business/HR leaders to create a center of knowledge, new ideas, insights, information, expertise, excellence for everything we do in HR... and share that information with the extended HR community. The Hacking HR's Experts Council is a community for senior HR leaders to share and also ask, to be safe while having vulnerable and open conversations about the challenges in HR, and from there to generate insights and ideas and innovations for the extended Hacking HR community!


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