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Hacking HR May Series: Everything About Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work

Event dates: May 01, 2024 - May 31, 2024
Event Type: Online
Event tickets:Free
Content delivery format:Panel
Event topics:Wellness-and-wellbeing


Mental health has become a critical imperative for people and organizations. Recognizing the profound impact of mental wellbeing on people’s overall health, but also in work productivity, engagement, and overall organizational success, the Mental Health Awareness event series is designed to enable HR professionals and leaders with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to create truly supportive and inclusive workplace cultures.

This event series aims to redefine the narrative around mental health in the workplace, shattering stigmas and fostering open conversations. Through a diverse array of sessions, attendees will explore connection between mental health, productivity, and organizational success, uncovering the tangible benefits of prioritizing employee wellbeing.

The Mental Health Awareness event series will cover all the aspects of mental health in the workplace, offering practical strategies for cultivating psychological safety, promoting meaningful connections, and fostering a culture of empathy and belonging. From understanding the root causes of burnout to navigating grief and loss, this comprehensive program will equip attendees with the insights and skills necessary to support their workforce's mental health holistically.

The top ten learning objectives for this program include:

  • Understanding the critical impact of mental health on workplace productivity, engagement, and overall success.

  • Dismantling stigmas and fostering open dialogues around mental health in the workplace.

  • Implementing strategies to cultivate psychological safety and promote a culture of empathy and belonging.

  • Addressing the root causes of burnout and developing holistic prevention and support strategies.

  • Supporting the mental health needs of diverse groups, including working parents, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Navigating grief and loss with compassion and understanding in the workplace.

  • Leveraging cognitive diversity and promoting neurodiversity for enhanced innovation and inclusivity.

  • Embedding mental health and wellbeing into corporate culture, policies, and norms.

  • Designing inclusive and supportive work environments that prioritize employee mental health.

  • Measuring the impact and ROI of mental health initiatives through effective evaluation techniques.

The top ten competencies that you will learn (or improve) are:

  • Strategic Planning for Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

  • Change Management and Cultural Transformation

  • Compassionate and Empathetic Leadership

  • Inclusive Policy Development and Implementation

  • Mental Health Advocacy and Awareness Building

  • Supportive Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Fostering Psychological Safety and Belonging

  • Burnout Prevention and Intervention Strategies

  • Evaluation and Metrics for Mental Health Programs

  • Creating Supportive and Inclusive Work Environments

The sessions include:

  • Does Mental Health Really Matter at Work?: Understanding the Connection Between Mental Health, People's Wellbeing and Productivity

  • From Taboo to Acceptance: Changing the Narrative Around Mental Health

  • Dialogue Without Stigma: Creating a Culture of Open Conversations on Mental Health

  • Kindness is Mental Health: Fostering a Culture of Compassion and Kindness at Work

  • Empathy in Action: A Toolkit for Leaders and Managers to Act with Empathy

  • Leadership Vulnerability: How Openness Can Foster Trust, Inclusion and Wellbeing

  • Safety in the Mind: Connecting the Dots Between Psychological Safety, Mental Health and Productivity

  • The Belonging Blueprint: Creating an Amazing and Inclusive Human Experience at Work with Belonging

  • The Loneliness Epidemic: Encouraging Meaningful Connections at Work

  • A Human-Centered Workplace: Focusing on Wellbeing to Deliver Results for People and Business

  • The Ethics of Psychological Safety In the Workplace

  • Fixing It From the Roots: Identifying and Addressing the True Causes of Burnout at Work

  • HR Therapy: Combating Burnout in HR

  • Making Remote Work… Work: Designing Strategies and Tactics for Belonging and Inclusion in Hybrid and Remote Workplaces

  • Women's Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace: From Reproductive Health to Menopause, and Everything in Between

  • Parental Mental Health: Navigating the Challenges of Work and Parenthood

  • The Transformation of the Office: The Impact of Workplace Design on Wellbeing and Mental Health

  • Navigating Grief and Loss: Support Strategies in the Workplace

  • Cognitive Diversity: The Mental Health Benefits of a Neurodiverse Workplace

  • Beyond Wishful Thinking: Embedding Wellbeing and Mental Health in Corporate Culture, Policy and Norms

  • Total Visibility: Supporting LGBTQ+ Mental Health in the Workplace

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