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Hacking HR June Series: Employee Experience as the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Event dates: June 03, 2024 - June 27, 2024
Event Type: Online
Event tickets:Free
Content delivery format:Panel
Event topics:Design-thinking |Diversity-equity-inclusion-belonging |Compensation,-rewards-and-benefits |Communication/change-management |Hr-strategy |Hr/people-operations |Future-of-work |Wellness-and-wellbeing


The Hacking HR June Series: Employee Experience as the Ultimate Competitive Advantage is designed to enable HR professionals and leaders with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to create transformative employee experiences that drive organizational success. This comprehensive program explores the foundations of what makes a truly exceptional workplace and the connections between employee satisfaction, engagement, and business outcomes.

Throughout the event series, attendees will gain a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and best practices for crafting and sustaining amazing employee experiences. Fromdefining the core elements of employee experience to mapping the employee journey and identifying key touchpoints, the sessions will provide a roadmap for creating a workplace culture that prioritizes people and fosters long-term success.

The Employee Experience as the Ultimate Competitive Advantage event series will cover a wide range of topics, including the impact of leadership on employee experience, strategies for resolving conflicts and improving workplace relations, and the critical role of recognition and rewards in shaping a positive work environment. Attendees will also explore the challenges and opportunities presented by hybrid and remote work models, learning how to strike the right balance between flexibility and structure to optimize employee experience.

This event series recognizes the importance of employee wellbeing and mental health in the overall employee experience. Sessions will explore the interconnections between these factors, providing strategies for integrating mental health support into the employee lifecycle and measuring the impact of wellbeing initiatives on employee satisfaction and productivity.

Throughout the program, attendees will gain valuable insights into the power of continuous learning and growth in enhancing employee experience, as well as the potential for transforming satisfied employees into passionate brand advocates. The series will also tackle the challenge of adapting to evolving worker expectations and future-proofing employee experience strategies to ensure long-term success.

The top ten learning objectives for this program include:

  • Defining employee experience and understanding its impact on business success

  • Identifying key touchpoints in the employee journey and developing strategies for optimization

  • Cultivating a people-first culture that prioritizes employee satisfaction and wellbeing

  • Enhancing leadership skills to positively influence employee experience

  • Developing effective conflict resolution techniques to improve workplace relations

  • Designing recognition and reward systems that drive employee engagement and retention

  • Building high-performance teams through exceptional employee experiences

  • Optimizing hybrid and remote work models for positive employee experiences

  • Integrating mental health support into the employee experience framework

  • Future-proofing employee experience strategies to adapt to evolving worker expectations

  • The top ten competencies that attendees will develop or enhance include:

  • Strategic employee experience design and implementation

  • Employee journey mapping and touchpoint optimization

  • Leadership skills for fostering positive employee experiences

  • Conflict resolution and mediation techniques

  • Recognition and reward program development

  • Team building and management in the context of employee experience

  • Hybrid and remote work model optimization

  • Mental health and wellbeing initiative integration

  • Continuous learning and growth program design

  • Brand advocacy and reputation management through employee experience

The sessions include:

Setting Up the Foundations: Defining Employee Experience (What It Is and What It Is Not): Laying the groundwork for understanding the true essence of employee experience and its impact on workplace culture and business success.

Understanding the Basics: How to Create Durable and Amazing Employee Experience at Work: Exploring the fundamental principles and strategies for crafting a consistent and exceptional employee experience across the organization.

Connecting the Dots: Understanding the Connection Between Employee Experience and People and Business Success: Examining the critical relationship between employee experience, individual performance, and overall business outcomes.

Mapping the Employee Journey: Identifying Key Touchpoints to Optimize Employee Experience: Developing a strategic approach to identifying and enhancing crucial touchpoints throughout the employee lifecycle.

Designing Effective Onboarding: The First Step into a Great Employee Experience at Work: Recognizing the vital role of onboarding in shaping initial impressions and long-term engagement.

A People-First Culture: Connecting the Dots Between Company Culture and Employee Experience: Understanding how a people-centric company culture directly influences and enhances employee experience.

Leadership and Employee Experience: Understanding the Impact of Leaders and Managers on Employee Experience: Exploring the pivotal role of leadership in shaping employee experience through their actions and decisions.

Addressing and Effectively Resolving Conflicts at Work: How to Improve Workplace Relations with Employee Experience in Mind: Developing essential skills and strategies for managing and resolving workplace conflicts to foster a positive employee experience.

Building a Culture of Recognition and Rewards Designed to Improve Employee Experience: Creating a culture that values and celebrates employee contributions through personalized recognition and reward programs.

Developing High-Performance Teams with Exceptional Employee Experiences: Cultivating high-performance teams by prioritizing employee satisfaction and implementing practices that enhance teamwork.

Balancing Flexibility and Structure: Optimizing Hybrid and Remote Work Models for Positive Employee Experience: Navigating the challenges and opportunities of hybrid and remote work settings to maintain a balance between flexibility and productivity.

Connecting the Dots Between Wellbeing, Mental Health and Employee Experience: Recognizing the integral relationship between employee wellbeing, mental health, and overall employee experience.

Understanding the Impact of Learning and Growth on Employee Experience: Exploring how continuous learning and development opportunities contribute to employee satisfaction and organizational success.

From Employee Satisfaction to Brand Advocacy: Turning Great Employee Experience into Brand Reputation: Transforming positive employee experiences into enhanced brand reputation through strategic brand advocacy efforts.

Future-Proofing Your Employee Experience: Adapting to Evolving Worker Expectations: Developing proactive strategies to ensure employee experience keeps pace with changing workforce expectations and future trends.

A Culture of Autonomy and Accountability: How Employee Autonomy Improves Experience and Increases Engagement and Satisfaction: Building a workplace culture that balances autonomy with accountability to drive employee engagement and satisfaction.

Navigating Generational Differences: Learning How to Customize Employee Experience for a Multigenerational Workforce: Tailoring employee experience strategies to accommodate the diverse needs and expectations of a multigenerational workforce.

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